Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In your FACE!

#295. The reality of them dishing out your race number makes you aware that race day is almost here. Funny thing, a guy I know is doing Florida asked if I was nervous. Am I nervous? Does a bear crap in the woods? Of course I’m a bit nervous. I just don’t want to get eaten by a shark, kicked in the face, or fall off my bike at high speed (or any speed). Seriously, I think that there are a bit of nerves before every Ironman, no matter how many you do. I am eerily calm/wigged out as I think my body is convinced that this taper is not for a race, but for the end of the season. I think the ole’ body will get a bit of a jolt come Saturday morning.
As is my theme lately, I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ll bore you really quick with the training. Hammered it for 3 weeks (20+ each week), then recovery week, then 3 week taper. As for questioning if I should have done more for this Ironman, I’m really questioning more if I should put my Bontrager Speed Bottle (Thanks Capital Cyclery!!) on the down tube or seat tube of the Jet fighter. And if I should put Red Bull or Infinit in the Speed Bottle. Decisions, decisions. Really glad I’ve got stupid questions to occupy my time as opposed to obsessing about the details of training that has already passed.
Anyway, I’m off to Florida on Wednesday (tomorrow), meet up with some friends, go to packet pick up, sneak a ride in, and sleep. Thursday will be more of the same. If you are looking for a party on Saturday and will be in Panama City, check out in front of the Gulf Crest condos (right at the first turn on the run). My parents made a gumbo, and will generally treat this like a Mardi Gras/tailgate party. All day. Stop by and tell them that you know me and read my babbling on the internet. My mom will probably be impressed, not because you read the blog, but because you’re there for gumbo.
Now, for shameless self-promotion (as if the past 2 paragraphs weren’t enough?), if you want to follow Ironman Florida, but don’t feel like being chained to the computer on Sunday, go to www.ironmanwireless.com , and enter in the numbers of people you want to receive updates on (hint, #295, hint). Then whenever one of your selected friends crosses a line, you will get a text message with the update. I did this for KSP when he went to Hawaii. Made it nice to know what was happening during the day.
A quick good luck to all of the people doing the Cajun Cup 10k. Mr. Castille is rumored to be back in town, so enjoy watching a National caliber runner shred the streets of Lafayette. Well, you’ll at least be able to see him for 600 yards or so.

And yes, for Florida, I’m all in…