Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changes, changes

I guess they are right. The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes. A lot has been going on in beautiful Scott, LA. I have just been too slow to put up the happenings on the blog. For those of you that were looking for a super sweet Ironman Florida race report, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The race was good, and all went well. It was not really epic, or even really that memorable. I had a great race, and all my peeps got to be there. That was definitely cool. But other than that, it was just a nice, fun day racing with all the other crazies in tights.
Now the high school soccer season is here, and I'm cramming workouts anywhere I can fit them. That is a big change, from living the life of a Triathlon bum with a day job, to a frantic "gotta fit 25 hours of stuff" into each day. Way too much action! Anyway, the title of this blog is foreshadowing. I'll just give you the highlights:

1 - After Florida, I decided to accept the fact that I do not know what it takes to go 9 hours flat, or even sub-9 hours. Either I'm not doing enough, or not enough of the right stuff. Regardless, I've hired a coach. Now karma must have a way of finding me, because my new coach is about as forgiving with me in triathlon training as I am with the soccer team. Old school, Eastern European coaching, I'll take 2 please. Anyway, his name is Paulo Sousa (, and I'm looking forward to finding out what's possible for me in triathlon. Either I'll crack or excel. Either way, I'll still smell like chlorine when I go into the office!

2 - I kinda wrote my '09 race schedule. There are still a ton of open dates, but some highlights are New Orleans 1/2 Ironman in April, Buffalo Springs 1/2 in June, and Ironman Canada in August. From there its Ironman Hawaii if I qualify, and if not, either Silverman or Great Floridian. I'd rather the 1st option, though. I mean, I'm just sayin.....

3 - Even though its not a personal update, my boy J Johnson qualified for IM Hawaii at IM Arizona! I'm super stoked for him. It's like seeing a fellow inmate escape. You know it's possible. Errr, pry not a good analogy. How did we celebrate his ticket to Kona? Raisin Cane's Caniac combo, of course.

4 - I had Meche's donuts. It was all I thought it could be.

5 - I'm gonna actually ride on the trainer this winter......maybe

6 - And last, I got a Twitter. Sounds like a proper waste of time, and a great place to put all those random photo ops I find out riding. My name is Creative, I know.

So that's the last 3 monts in a nutshell. Training is back on, and don't make fun of my new personal chlorine smell. You'll give me a complex.