Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DJ Dazzle

It’s been so long, I even thought this blog was dead. No excuses, except that I pen about 3 entries in my head per week. But they don’t get finished, and they definitely don’t make it to your high contrast computer screen. I even started one that I’m really excited about, called “Losing Yourself.” And no, it’s not where I re-enact the Eminem video from the song of same name. Anyway, the quick and dirty update is that I started training after the cold spell, like everyone else. It just took me a little longer, as my girls on the soccer team just refused to lose so I could start training. I even tried to drag them all the way up to Shreveport, and play in February weather in a gigantic stadium so they might lose. No dice. They just kept winning. The result? See the picture below. Someone asked which was cooler, winning a state championship, or finishing Ironman. Well, my teammates and I could never stay sober long enough to actually commit to working toward winning a state championship as a player, so I can’t answer the question. But the state championship from a coaching point of view is way more stressful. You are managing talent, health, emotions, schoolwork, injuries, egos, etc. Ironman is just primal. Fear, adrenaline, and moving forward. Plus, I never get interviewed for Ironman, where I have to be politically correct and nice; for fear that I might hurt someone’s feelings. Nope, Ironman is basic, and I’m a simple dude. Ironman is easier, but the soccer thing was worth all the struggle.

Back to the triathlon grind. Went and did a few early season races, and was actually surprised where my fitness is right now, as compared to this time last year. Although, to sum it up for you, I got chicked at the T-Gator Duathlon (but so did everyone else who’s name isn’t Deshotels), actually had my pedal come off in Rouge Roubaix, but got to hang out with Pat Fellows for 5+ hours. When you get the chance to visit with someone who swam continuously for 34 miles (yes, miles), you take it and become all ears. That summed up my Rouge Roubaix, and we got motorpaced a little while by an official’s motorcycle. Now I know why the Euro dudes are so fast. After that, I went to do a local 5k, and actually beat a few high school cross country dudes. I set my sights a bit high, but still had a good time. All the while, trying to nail it all down for one more shot at Coeur d’Alene. That’s all the training and racing so far in a nutshell. I’ve got some exciting things on the horizon, but I’ll keep them in my bag for later.

On a not-so-cool note, some of my training homies, and members of the Two Dragons are out of racing/training for a bit. So it looks like while the Two Dragons membership has dwindled from 3 to 1 (although our buddy Brad tried to initiate himself into Two Dragons by getting a huge tattoo of a dragon on his right arm. Either that, or he got it so he could get discounts at Chinese buffets), I’ll still be out and about in the racing scene. The prelim schedule of where I’m renting transition space is over on the right. Hopefully, JJ makes his way back in the racing groove in time for summer smack down, and KSP can be Yoda to all of us young Jedi’s trying to realize that pesky little dream of racing Ironman in October.

Speaking of smack down, Will J Boggs has decided to throw a pro-wrasslin’ flair to the Lafayette racing scene. He won the inaugural battle with B.Rider in the Opelousas du, and thus retains the beautiful piece of plastic you see below. I just warn you William J, the challenges to your belt will come fast and furious, and most importantly, these challenges will have swimming as a part of the fun. None of this run/bike/run silliness. Weren’t you almost famous at that discipline once? At one race, a long time ago? Oh yeah, that’s just what Lafayette triathlon needs, a little WWE flair.

In parting, I’ll quote Ferris Bueller on the state championship experience, and bringing home that big wooden trophy: “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Thanks for reading….

PS What is with the name of this entry, you ask? Well, I met a friend of ENM's named Nick. But EVERYONE called him by his nickname, "DJ Dazzle". How cool is that nickname? And no one knew why they called him that. Needless to say, for the rest of the night, I had nickname envy.