Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's been up

In short, i've been away from this blog for way too long. I actually forgot I had it still active. The crazy shizz that has transpired in the last 6 months is too much to go over. The good news is that my vision is back to acceptable, and I can train again. Enough with the sob story, since you're a faithful blog reader I am gonna post a piece I wrote for the Texas magazine "The Racing Post". It was all because of the pic below:

“Elyse, can you grab my helmet out of the truck? Thanks, love.”
I guess it’s time to warm up. What am I doing here? Just 2 months ago I was completely blind in my left eye. I mean, hell, I just got my vision back to acceptable like a month ago. These guys all look so fit. I’m not even close to my best fitness this season. I should have chosen my first race back a little more wisely; maybe stick to triathlons or try agrandfondo for fun. But a ‘cross race? You’re certifiable. Weare getting called to the start. Man, this is about to get real. Where do I line up? Oh crap, I’m on the front row. Don’t make eye contact, don’t look around. I just looked around; not good. Everyone is staring at me like a vulture about to feast on its prey. Ok, relax. Don’t panic now, just adjust your goal. The new goal is to not finish last, and a bonus for not getting lapped. My name gets called, it’s too late to bail now. How are my hands numb? It’s like 75 degrees outside. There’s the gun! BIG POWER. GO GO GO! CLIP IN CLIP IN! Get your position in line for the first hard right hander. YOU’RE GOING TOO SLOW! PEOPLE ARE FLYING BY YOU! I told you this race was a bad idea. Unclip and jump the barriers. BACK ON THE BIKE! CLIP IN CLIP IN! Next lap clear those barriers less like a ballerina and more like a ‘cross racer. POWER UP THE HILL! TURN, TURN! You gonna jump or dismount? JUMP OR DISMOUNT? MAKE A DECISION! THE LOG IS HERE! That was weak, the guy behind you is pissed. Make a decision and stick with it.Downhill into the sand. PICK A LINE, DON’T CHANGE!YOU CHANGED, NOW POWER THROUGH. YOU’RE LOSING TIME ALL OVER THIS COURSE! YOU GOTTA PULL THE LEADERS BACK, DON’T LET THEM RIDE AWAY! That’s it, this is where you’re gonna fly. Get to the pavement, and around the baseball field. That’s it, lay the power down. GOOD EFFORT, GET IN THE PAIN CAVE. As the race gets longer, you get better. OH, TOO CONFIDENT IN THAT CORNER! CRASH! GET UP QUICK! CLIP IN, CLIP IN! PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL!You didn’t lose too much time. CLAW BACK INTO THIS RACE! Be smooth over the barriers. You know you’re faster once we’re out of the sand. No mistakes now, the race is almost over. Ok, just take a quick peek to see if someone is back there. You’re clear. Can I catch the guy in front? He’s so close. BIG EFFORT! VENGA VENGA VENGA! It’s the last turn, DIG DEEP! So close to catching him. Maybe next race. Now breathe. I gotta grab my wheels and find a place to clean up. Where is Elyse?
“Well, how was your first race back?” she said with a smile.
“It was just as painful as I remembered. Would you be cool with me racing next weekend?”

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