Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kona Madness, Round 2

Well, to say that it has been a long time would be the understatement of the year. So here we are, back to the grind after the best triathlon (and dare I say sporting event) of my life at Ironman Florida. I did ponder not taking the IM Hawaii slot after the Florida result (You know, kind of like dissing the girl that once broke your heart. Not that I've ever done that, but I've heard...), especially since the first time I  raced Hawaii was an absolute disaster. It was almost as if I was scared shitless (See this: Merlin Mann - Scared Shitless (Webstock 2011) - YouTube ) to go back and get beat down by the island again.

Well, in short here we are just 11 short months removed from IM Florida and 2 years from the first time I landed on the island in 2011. Believe it or not, things were easier the 2nd time around getting here. In no small part because I finally squeaked open my wallet and paid for Tri Bike Transport to deliver my bike and gear bag. So no 80 lb duck walk with bike, gear, clothes, laptop bags from baggage claim to the rental car counter. Instead, I carried on the clothes and immediately got on the wrong rental car bus. Sidenote: Hawaiian people are very much like south Louisiana people. Friendly and fiercely proud of where they are from. So the bus driver brought me to the Alamo place with not even a funny glance.

Onto these days leading up to the race. In short, you are in a fish bowl. It really is pure electric madness up and down Ali'i drive. There are sculpted abs and shredded bodies MURDERING the run and bike from 5:30am well into the pure dark every day. You always hear that the best races are lost on Ali'i during race week. And after seeing it first hand, I can believe it.

And the stuff you can do all of race week. Oh man, it's like you're the popular kid in class and everyone wants you at their party. No no, here's a free this; we are giving away a bunch of that. Think Mardi Gras for tri-geeks. That's about the best way I can describe it. I'll do my best to document and take pictures of what is happening in the fish bowl that is Kona this week. But to be honest, I learned my lesson the first time around. Round 2 (this year), I'll be saving all my energy for the actual race on Saturday. It's gonna be tough, especially because I really want to see all the new bikes / kit / widgets coming out. And let's be honest, how could I pass up a chance to meet CHRIS FREAKING BOARDMAN?!! Well, I did. And while I'm still kicking myself for it, let's hope it's for the best.

So that's it from the island. Thanks for checking in and seeing what's happening. My peeps show up today, so that means a mandatory trip to Kona Joe coffee and the Coffee Shack tomorrow for the world's best coffee (Kona Joe Trellis Reserve) and pizza that I would actually babysit my nephew (and his friends) for. Really, the pizza is that good. Until tomorrow, Aloha.


Unknown said...
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skm said...

2nd time around makes you wise beyond your years. Enjoy the week, but finish the business!