Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 9 - The final km's

Well, that was sure something. 1,000 km's is in the books. Today's ride was not without both shenanigans, caffeine and excitement. The shenanigans came in the form of fog. Lots of fog. All day. I thought it would burn off by 10am. My theory really didn't pan out. So we rode to Starbucks and waited for the fog to at least thin a bit. The stories Adam had really aren't for public domain, but they had me laughing obnoxiously. As did Jeremy's stories of passing out trampoline belly hugs to his wife. It's a wonder Lisa hasn't smothered him with a pillow while he sleeps by now. The excitement was that pit bull puppy that was on the loose and refused to leave Adam alone. In the panic of a terrorizing mutt trying to snack on his leg, Adam smoothly asked "Why me dog? Do I smell like beef jerky?!" I guess you had to be there. Anyway, I'd like to say thanks for all those people who came out and rode with me this week. It was a blast, and kind of a silly insane challenge I did kind of just because "it was there." A special thanks to Adam and Marcus who rode a large majority of the miles with me. Also to Will Jones, who will be receiving his limited edition (as in 1 of 2) 1,000 Christmas K's t-shirt. Details and pics of this shirt to follow. As for now, I'm kind of at a loss of creativity for what to do next. Something equally fun, equally ridiculous, and equally easy to photo the whole thing.

Today's ride - 45.6 miles (73.5km)
Total for the whole challenge (Dec 23 -31) - 630.5 miles (1,017km)

This was an omen of things to come. All foggy all day 

Adam with that goofy grin. At least his helmet is straight this time 

Adam and Jeremy who looks more contradicting. Roadie gear on triathlon bikes 

Theme of the day. Fog 

A haven in the fog. Good coffee, good stories 

Jeremy, your orange mocha frappacino is ready. But that matching kit is sharp! 

The miles are adding up for young Adam 

Contemplating life, and New Year's eve plans 

I've tried to find better, but damn these shoes are comfy! 

I know this is a gratuitous product shot, but they make some awesome stuff. The pro tour bib short and lightweight gilet are staples of my cycling wardrobe

Looks like that house in "Misery" 

The swamp 

The horses did not warn us of the pit bull puppy ahead 

The comedy train, rolling all day long 

That look says "This was fun, but I'm looking forward to a nap." 

I saw this view a lot this past 9 days 

We almost got shot over this photo. Yep, that's strollin' around in a bath robe and hair in a towel with shower shoes on. You only see this stuff on a bike 

 The surprise of the day. Showing the guys the deer farm. People would kill for those bucks

This beauty deserves a day off, and a bath.

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