Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 8

Man, the 1,000 Christmas K's is so close, I can almost feel it! Before today's ride, I was 130km away from busting this out, and today and tomorrow's weather is just superb! Today started off foggy, but a later start and shorter route was very welcome. Marcus ventured out with me on one condition, that a coffee stop was on the menu. After a doppio espresso, it was time to log some miles. Overall, it was nice to have an indian summer day. 70+ in late December?! I'll take it. Only one ride, and 57km left to complete the 1000 Christmas K's. I'm looking forward to putting this challenge in the completed column.

Today's ride - 46 miles (74km)
Total so far - 585 miles (943km)

Lafayette Parish ordered 15 of these signs. 8 of them are on Bayou Tortue Rd. 

After 1,000 Christmas K's, the hay will in fact be in the barn 

Marcus soaking up the sun. kid is gonna crush dreams in 2012 

Yes, that's a dog tag. Chances are if you get hit, your iPhone will be toast. Make it easy for even a stranger to get you help 

The Chastant's rapunzel tower 


Xularite said...

I wish I'd known you were heading down Bayou Tortue, I would've set you up a water stop. My folks stay across from the big gates you photographed. Great posts and congrats man, you need a rest and beer!

Marcus D. said...

Dude, a single tear just rolled down my cheek after reading this...

Edward Franklin said...
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