Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 7

Anne made an interesting analysis that cyclists' have little to no understanding of distance or time. Well, I went ahead and added another example to this list. I convinced Eric, Adam and Scott that the route I had in mind was only about 60-65 miles. Well, I was off again by 10 miles. And before you suggest, yes I know what map my ride is. Mainly I just pick a general loop, and freestyle from there. So anyone in the future riding with me, be warned. Every mileage and/or distance I quote you  is 'ish. As in, the ride is 3 hours (really means the ride is 3'ish hours). Anyway, here are some pics from the ride today:

Today's ride - 74.5 miles (120km)
Total so far - 539 miles (869km)

Easily the best (and one of two) grocery store in Coteau Homes 

Gene, sir, you have been outed. 

Adam simultaneously eating and oogling the El Camino 

Eric was either complaining or eating on this ride. Here's an action shot of him stuffing his face 

Action shot of Eric complaining. Yes he's telling me I'm #1 in route picking 

Scott overdressed and hanging tough. Who knew it would warm up to 70+? 

 Rare self photo

Adam pondering all the planning he hasn't done for his upcoming wedding 

Heading into downtown St. Martinville 

So cable as in Cox cable? 

Sure the porch is structurally sound 

WTF?! happened to this photo?

 Finally a cup o' joe on this ride

My reward if I finish the 1000 Christmas K's 

 This guy was VW before VW was trendy. Check the dead head window cover
A new trail. I have no idea where it goes or what it is

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